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Graduation: B.A (prog./Hons.), B.Com (prog./Hons.), B.Sc (prog./Hons.)

We also provide graduation Coaching Class Available for B.A (prog./Hons.), B.Com (prog./Hons.), B.Sc (prog./Hons.) as well as provide graduation notes and other graduation study materials which helps students for the best preparation. We also prepare by performing mock test.

Coaching Class Available for B.A (prog./Hons.), B.Com (prog./Hons.), B.Sc (prog./Hons.) Call us: +91-9971316805

B.A First Year Notes

B.A Second Year Notes

B.A Third Year Notes

1. Political Science

B.Com Programme First Year

1. Financial Accounting

B.Com Programme 2nd Year

1. Business Mathematics And Statistics

2. Macro Economics

3. Income Tax And Auditing

B.Com Programme Third Year

1. Cost Accounting

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